Bamboo Technical Support Group – KFRI

The Bamboo Technical Support Group is hosted at KFRI and supported by the National Bamboo Mission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperation to serve as a unit providing support to the National Bamboo Cell in technical and research matters. BTSGs, of which there are three in the country – the other two being at FRI, Dehra Dun and CBTC, Guwahati, cater to the different regions and offer training in resource enhancement through propagation technology, establishment and management of plantations, value addition of bamboo produce through preservative treatment and proper utilization for various end uses, advice to farmers and State Bamboo Missions on suitability of species for different regions and land types etc.

BTSG KFRI has been involved in the training of field functionaries of the various southern States for the past several years. We have brought out handbooks and training manuals on various subjects like taxonomy and identification, propagation and nursery technology, establishment and management of plantations and value addition through mechanisation and preservative treatment.

The BTSG KFRI team consists of scientists of KFRI and project staff working on several aspects of the biology, cultivation and utilization of bamboo and documentation and dissemination of information.

KFRI has the expertise in the following areas relating to bamboo:

  1. Taxonomy, identification and phylogeny of bamboo
  2. Growth and reproduction of priority species of bamboos
  3. Traditional methods of propagation
  4. Bamboo nurseries
  5. Micropropagation of bamboos
  6. Plantation technology and harvesting techniques
  7. Germplasm conservation and management
  8. Estimation of bamboo resources in homesteads and forests
  9. Inventory of bamboo stocking using Remote Sensing and GIS technology
  10. Socio-economics and livelihood potential of bamboo
  11. Cluster development and livelihood improvement of artisans and farmers
  12. Value addition and marketing of bamboo products
  13. Preservative treatments
  14. Pest and Disease management


  1. Dr. E.M. Muralidharan : Coordinator, BTSG, Biotechnology , Tissue culture
  2. Dr. V. Anitha : Associate Coordinator, Socio economic studies, livelihood assessment
  3. Dr. T.K. Dhamodaran : Preservative treatment, Primary processing, Value addition
  4. Dr.U.M .Chandrashekara: Resource estimation, Productivity, Plantations
  5. Mrs.Sarojam, Bamboo Information Centre, Bamboo bibliography
  6. Mr.V.P.Raveendran: Propagation, Nursery
  7. Dr. PKC Pillai, Seed biology, Bambusetum
  8. Dr.V.B.Sreekumar, Taxonomy, Phylogeny
  9. Dr.A.V. Raghu: Extension
  10. Dr. Suma Arun Dev : Biotechnology, DNA barcoding, Phylogeny

BTSG has the mandate to interact with the large community of bamboo researchers, growers and users in the country, to offer authentic technical advice, and to act as an interface between the public and the government agencies for matters that help improve policy.


Dr. E.M.Muralidharan,
Coordinator, BTSG -KFRI, 
KFRI Peechi - 680 653, Thrissur. Kerala 
Phone: 0487 2690192  
Mobile: 9446936961 

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